How long are individual sessions?

Sessions are maximum two hours long. They can be a bit shorter is the process has been successfully completed. The two hour timeframe ensures that we don't leave your psyche with specific work left unfinished. The unconscious mind is good at waiting between sessions to pick up where we left off, however, if we are at the point of unburdening trauma from  childhood experiences it is unfair to the inner system to stop and we would adjust the session accordingly.

Cost  $120.00 + HST per two-hour session. Payments by E-transfer

How frequent are the sessions?

Initially once a week is recommended. We will have ongoing conversations around this, at times when a lot has been integrated  it may be beneficial to wait longer to process and allow the brain to work in the new neural network.

How are sessions handled during the Coronavirus pandemic?

For our safety, sessions are held on-line during this time.  

Is there homework?

Yes generally there is. With a therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy the theory is that an old neural network in the brain is being updated so this requires a lot of homework, However with hypnosis and Parts Work/IFS a new neural network has actually been created. Neurons that fire together wire together so the homework for Parts Work here is designed to keep a new network firing so it gets strong in supporting a  new way of being.

What if I must cancel our session?

The cancellation policy is free cancellation at least  24-hours in advance. Without sufficient notice you will be charged the full amount. Exceptional circumstances are always considered.

Is psychotherapy covered by OHIP?

No, it is not. However, some private insurance policies do provide coverage. Check your plan to see if it includes psychotherapy or counselling.

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